Day 6

In the morning there is discussion of going back to the main camp, they have ventured far, and do not know how much further it could be to the lighthouse. Plus there is the possibility of Shira being sick, and the bat swarm took a lot out of them. And with only 9 rations left, it would be nice to at least restock.

They spend the afternoon hunting and manage to up their supply back to 19 rations total.

Everyone eventually agrees that they should make it to the lighthouse before reporting back to the other castaways. They press on, encountering two more traps, which Draeos also cuts, before catching sight of a lighthouse. Victor and Kira decide to move in for a closer look…

Day 5

As the sun arises so does the adventuring party. Still hungry and a little scared by last night, they sit down to eat their meal, but realize quickly that with only 2 rations a piece, they no longer have enough food to make it back. Deciding that hunting this their best option for survival, but unwilling to split up to cover more ground, they hunt together, as a pack.

They catch an additional 9 rations before setting off, waiting until after the heat of the afternoon has burned off prior to making their journey. They pass by another 2 traps, which Draeos disables, before reaching another crossroads. Since their morning was spent hunting, it has already gotten late when they settle down for dinner.

Of the 19 rations they had, this brings them down to 14 rations total. As the adventurers eat their evening meal, there is a screech from above, as hundreds of bats swarm down at their location.

Draeos runs as fast as he can to the west, Shira follows him, Radek and Kira hide under their blankets and Victor decides to cast out a ghost sound of a predator to the south, causing the swarm to move north. Draeos and Shira find water and wade in a ways, realizing there is nothing they can do against a swarm of bats. Kira tells Victor he has a plan and to herd them back to him, which Victor does. Once they are close Kira runs forwards and casts a mighty spell to attempt to confound the bats, however they see through his ruse and swarm him, biting at his skin.

Radek throws a blanket over some to try and catch them, but the swarm as a whole remains. Desperate and out of ideas, Kira tries one last time to confound them, and this time they fall to the ground, dazed and stunned as Kira, Radek and Victor stomp on the bats. With most of their swarm dead, the few remaining decide to find an easier meal.

Draoes and Shira return to the party, although feeling a little sheepish for running away. Just before bed, Shira realizes she isn’t feeling well, not well indeed.

Some more strange dreams this night, the soup had snakes in it, or something like that.

Day 4

As the sun rises on a new day or intrepid adventurers prepare to set out again. This morning they sit and eat food, realizing that with only 3 rations left per person, they would need to be more careful with how much they eat.

As they finish breakfast they spot 3 humans approaching them, their appearance ragged and painted, carrying spears and scimitars. As soon as they spot the party, they beginning talking amongst themselves in a language that Radek understands. They are talking about capturing and killing the party, and bringing them back as a meal. After this is made clear, the party engages them in battle, the cannibals however, expected less of a resistance and were quickly subdued.

The party leaves them alive and attempts to press them for information, however the cannibals have no interest in helping the party, and believe that death is preferable to betraying their clan. Their death is quick and merciful, much less than they would have surely granted the party had they managed to capture them.

They follow the trail north for aways and they come across a split in the trail that heads north, they sidestep a trap however, and continue to the east. After 2 more traps they come across another fork, one leads north, the other to the south, however it is beginning to get hot, and instead of moving on they decide to rest in the shade and think it over. As they do so a fearsome monitor lizard attacks them. Not much of a challenge, but after severing the head below where they believe the poison gland to be, they enjoy a meal of lizard.

After the heat lets up the party decides to head south, they enter into a canyon area. About midway through Draeos is caught in a snare trap and brought barreling up the mountainside. Before he gets too far however, he cuts the line and is sent tumbling back down. Seeing the rope spring quickly up the hill and the small noises coming from above the party briefly discusses trying to find a way up, but decides to press on in case of more attacks.

After reaching the other side of the canyons, they find another fork in the road, and yet another snare trap. Draeos has had it with the traps, and decides to be done with it, once and for all, cutting and disabling the trap to the best of his abilities. They decide to make camp, and although they are hungry, they ration their food for later.

Watches are set up, and later that night Shira sees a green light slowly approaching from the east. Waking everyone up, Draoes moves to intercept. Victor decides to go into stealth to attempt to take this thing by surprise, however once he gets hidden he drifts off to sleep.

The incorporeal ghost of a pirate captain arrives and begins demanding that she be returned. Stating she was stolen, the party attempts to find out what he is after, what he wants, they begin to offer him things. The pirate is uninterested in their offerings until Draeos pulls out the locket they had found aboard the ship a couple days before. Seeing the pirate react to the locket, Draeos lays it on the ground and the pirate comes and picks it up, and walks away. The party attempts to sequester information from him, however with what he wanted in hand, the pirate simply leaves.

Silence once again befalls the camp. Shira finds Victor asleep, but decides to leave him until the morning.

Day 3

In the morning Gelik appeared to be in an awful mood. Running everywhere and moving stuff around in an annoyed manner. Victor approaches him and asks him what’s wrong…

“What’s wrong, WHAT’S WRONG?!?” The gnome yells “only the fact that Isharu has come down with mindfire and Sahsa has twisted her ankle. We can’t keep going at this pace, we need to slow down”

Victor considers what he says for a minute, then walks over to Sasha and casts cure light wounds on her. Feel better, Sasha thanks him. Isharu, however, is another story, you can’t just cure a disease, you have to let it run it’s course, and with him down it would be next to impossible to continue at the same pace they had been going.

They sit down and eat breakfast, looking over their supplies they realize they only have 56 rations left, they’re going to need to keep hunting in order to keep this up. Victor, Kira, Draeos, Shira, and Radek decide to set out and do some scouting. Packing 6 rations each, enough to last them 2 days. Leaving the camp with a sparse 26 rations.

They head south, following the river south, after stopping for lunch they continue on. Leaving them with only 5 rations each.

After being careful to stay with the tracks they reach a bay. As they look across the bay they see a wrecked ship. Deciding to investigate, they board as carefully as possible. After spending some time searching they find the captain’s quarters, inside there is the skeletal remains of someone clutching a darkwood box. As the others discuss how to open the box to get at it’s contents, Draeos takes matters into his own hands, and breaks open the box. Inside they find documents proving the innocence of Jask, A dagger, and a locket.

They go back to the bay and cross the river, and cross, picking up the tracks on the other side. Following the tracks they come to a trail where Draeos almost gets caught in a snare trap before being stopped by Shira.

After looking it over they decide to spend the night at the crossroads. After eating they are left with only 4 rations each, they decide to press on and perhaps ration out their food.

That night, while Victor stood guard, he felt something watching from the trees, then the flapping of wings. Uneasily and slowly he wakes the rest of the party who spend some time searching where they heard the wings from, eventually coming across a pool of blood on the ground from a mostly drained monkey in a tree. They don’t sleep well that night.

Day 2

In the morning they awaken. Victor immediately decides to break camp and find a more defensable position. They follow the other people inland, since Sasha is now hunting for the group, they are no longer expending rations.

The Radek, Draeos, and Shira decide to continue following the body of water east after eating. Not long into their journey they encounter some kind of flying bird thingy that attacks them. It does some damage but ultimately it is killed.

The main part lags behind, partially due to their load, but also partially due to Aerys seeming drunk. Of all the passengers, Ishiru seems to be taking the trip the hardest, despite liking the party, he is sure that they are all going to die, but he does share his treasure map with Victor.

After the body of water starts to curve to the south, the adventurers move southernly. Around lunch time everyone stops for food, and shade. After eating, the forward party is attacked by 6 skeletons. They survive, if only barely. They rest for a few more hours then continue on.

Back in the main party Victor decides to confront Aerys about her drinking, he succeeds and she admits that she has some alcohol, but she’s not really ready to give it up for the most part. She does however recognize that she hasn’t been pulling her own weight and offers to help out more, she also makes a decided effort to not slow the party down.

The forward party runs across a den, but after checking it out, they are fairly clear that whatever lives there is not home. However after listening for awhile they do realize there is running water nearby. After drawing a pointer inland they follow the sound of water to a river and waterfall. They decide to see if they can get on top of the cliff by going north-east.

The main party runs across a parallel line that has been carved, not sure what it meant, but they decided it meant to go due east for awhile. So they do and come across the river from before, as it is getting late they decide this would be a great place to break out camp.

The forward party finds the landfall of the captain and Ieana. They start to ponder about what’s going on. They realize the tracks go southernly and then go inland. They head back to the waterfall and eat. Ishiru mentions that establishing a base camp would be preferable to what they are currently doing.

Day 1

Radek wakes up, feels the nip on his toe. Wakes up and immediately wakes up Kira, then attacks the first Eurypterid. Kira withdraws, Ian wakes up. Monsters attack, all miss. Radek bashes a head in, Draeos moves to pick up his item, Kira moves to pick up his item, Shira wakes up. Radek bashes the last one.

After taking a quick stock of the situation, they quickly spot the ship and decide to move out in that directly. Reaching the ship right in the middle of low tide, they first climb into the captains quarters. They take everything they can find, including burning through the lock with acid and taking those items as well.

After thouroghly looting the room they climb onto the main deck. Immediatly Draeos hears a creature downstairs, they make haste and antother Eurypterid, bigger this time. After a couple of attacks the creature is quickly dispached.

After breaking the door down the rest of the way they find the body of Alton and some buildilng stupplies, all stuff is packed up in the tarps and taken onto the top deck by Victor. Meanwhile Radek and Shira search for survivors and stumble across the cook in the larder, they pack up all the food they can find. Kira goes room to room collecting things, he takes some of the gnomes books.

They make haste back to the camp, except for Draeos who travels due south, eventually stumbling across a large cliff with water below, unable to determine if the water is salt or fresh he assumes it is a freshwater lake and heads back to camp.

The rest of the party decides to free the prisoner with the key, however they decide he cannot be trusted and only return his holy symbol, not his armor, weapon or spell component pouch. They then ask him to detect poison on the food, it is clean so they all eat lunch. Victor decides to take lunch to Draeos and begins following his trek through the forest.

Around the time that Draeos gets back, Kira decides to order people to do things, however most people are unwilling to listen to him. Which leads him to tell Jask that he has to either listen to what he has to say, or he has to leave, after several tense moments, Jask decides he would be better off elsewhere and sets off due East.

Victor, deciding this isn’t working goes after Jask, while Radek, Kira and Shira follow Draeos to the water he found. Victor convinces Jask to come back to the camp and agrees to give him his objects back. Jask is still not convinced he will help, but he is willing to stay with the party for now.

The other team reach the water and walk east for a ways before realizing they weren’t going to get far at night. Kira heads back to camp and the other three sleep there on the cliff. There are some strange dreams that night.

Onboard the Jenevier

After losing a bet prior, Victor had been working onboard the Merchent ship Jenevire for about 9 months. However he is glad, when the captain tells him this will be his last run down to Eleder before he is released from his indentured servitude.

In Magnimar a haunted Oracle on the run named Draeos, he was falsly accused of crimes and has fled to the ship to get away, similarly, as they were pulling off a Gnome named Gelik comes aboard in quite the hurry.

Kintargo in the next stop they pick up an elf named Kira on his way to see a beautiful bar wench and a human named Shira just trying to get away from her family. They both bought maps of an unknown area.

After sailing for a number of days they stop in Pezzack, nothing much of interest happens here.

In Corentyn a prisoner is loaded onboard the ship, later to be named as Jask, Kira attempts to go speak with him, and is politely and firmly told no.

In Ilizmagorti a beautiful redheaded woman named Sasha boards the ship. Everyone notices that she is missing a pinky, but no one is crass enough to talk about it. Kira chats her up a little bit, but she will have none of it.

Ollo, not much happens here.

Another boring stop in Quent

Port Peril is more interesting however, they pick up a beautiful sailor lady named Aerys, as Draeos makes an attempt to hit on her, another sailor cuts him off. After Aerys knees him in the balls so hard he’ll sing falsetto for life, Draeos punches him for hitting on the girl he was going to hit on. Alton is not pleased by this, and threatens to throw Draeos into the eye if he does anything like that again.

In Bloodcove a dwarven monk named Radek and an older looking man with a katana name Ishiru board the ship.

Nothing much happens in Senghor.

Everyone notices that the crew is uneasy about something, but they are unwilling to talk about it, even with Victor.

That night at the evening meal, they eat and pass out…


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