Onboard the Jenevier

After losing a bet prior, Victor had been working onboard the Merchent ship Jenevire for about 9 months. However he is glad, when the captain tells him this will be his last run down to Eleder before he is released from his indentured servitude.

In Magnimar a haunted Oracle on the run named Draeos, he was falsly accused of crimes and has fled to the ship to get away, similarly, as they were pulling off a Gnome named Gelik comes aboard in quite the hurry.

Kintargo in the next stop they pick up an elf named Kira on his way to see a beautiful bar wench and a human named Shira just trying to get away from her family. They both bought maps of an unknown area.

After sailing for a number of days they stop in Pezzack, nothing much of interest happens here.

In Corentyn a prisoner is loaded onboard the ship, later to be named as Jask, Kira attempts to go speak with him, and is politely and firmly told no.

In Ilizmagorti a beautiful redheaded woman named Sasha boards the ship. Everyone notices that she is missing a pinky, but no one is crass enough to talk about it. Kira chats her up a little bit, but she will have none of it.

Ollo, not much happens here.

Another boring stop in Quent

Port Peril is more interesting however, they pick up a beautiful sailor lady named Aerys, as Draeos makes an attempt to hit on her, another sailor cuts him off. After Aerys knees him in the balls so hard he’ll sing falsetto for life, Draeos punches him for hitting on the girl he was going to hit on. Alton is not pleased by this, and threatens to throw Draeos into the eye if he does anything like that again.

In Bloodcove a dwarven monk named Radek and an older looking man with a katana name Ishiru board the ship.

Nothing much happens in Senghor.

Everyone notices that the crew is uneasy about something, but they are unwilling to talk about it, even with Victor.

That night at the evening meal, they eat and pass out…



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