Day 5

As the sun arises so does the adventuring party. Still hungry and a little scared by last night, they sit down to eat their meal, but realize quickly that with only 2 rations a piece, they no longer have enough food to make it back. Deciding that hunting this their best option for survival, but unwilling to split up to cover more ground, they hunt together, as a pack.

They catch an additional 9 rations before setting off, waiting until after the heat of the afternoon has burned off prior to making their journey. They pass by another 2 traps, which Draeos disables, before reaching another crossroads. Since their morning was spent hunting, it has already gotten late when they settle down for dinner.

Of the 19 rations they had, this brings them down to 14 rations total. As the adventurers eat their evening meal, there is a screech from above, as hundreds of bats swarm down at their location.

Draeos runs as fast as he can to the west, Shira follows him, Radek and Kira hide under their blankets and Victor decides to cast out a ghost sound of a predator to the south, causing the swarm to move north. Draeos and Shira find water and wade in a ways, realizing there is nothing they can do against a swarm of bats. Kira tells Victor he has a plan and to herd them back to him, which Victor does. Once they are close Kira runs forwards and casts a mighty spell to attempt to confound the bats, however they see through his ruse and swarm him, biting at his skin.

Radek throws a blanket over some to try and catch them, but the swarm as a whole remains. Desperate and out of ideas, Kira tries one last time to confound them, and this time they fall to the ground, dazed and stunned as Kira, Radek and Victor stomp on the bats. With most of their swarm dead, the few remaining decide to find an easier meal.

Draoes and Shira return to the party, although feeling a little sheepish for running away. Just before bed, Shira realizes she isn’t feeling well, not well indeed.

Some more strange dreams this night, the soup had snakes in it, or something like that.



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