Day 4

As the sun rises on a new day or intrepid adventurers prepare to set out again. This morning they sit and eat food, realizing that with only 3 rations left per person, they would need to be more careful with how much they eat.

As they finish breakfast they spot 3 humans approaching them, their appearance ragged and painted, carrying spears and scimitars. As soon as they spot the party, they beginning talking amongst themselves in a language that Radek understands. They are talking about capturing and killing the party, and bringing them back as a meal. After this is made clear, the party engages them in battle, the cannibals however, expected less of a resistance and were quickly subdued.

The party leaves them alive and attempts to press them for information, however the cannibals have no interest in helping the party, and believe that death is preferable to betraying their clan. Their death is quick and merciful, much less than they would have surely granted the party had they managed to capture them.

They follow the trail north for aways and they come across a split in the trail that heads north, they sidestep a trap however, and continue to the east. After 2 more traps they come across another fork, one leads north, the other to the south, however it is beginning to get hot, and instead of moving on they decide to rest in the shade and think it over. As they do so a fearsome monitor lizard attacks them. Not much of a challenge, but after severing the head below where they believe the poison gland to be, they enjoy a meal of lizard.

After the heat lets up the party decides to head south, they enter into a canyon area. About midway through Draeos is caught in a snare trap and brought barreling up the mountainside. Before he gets too far however, he cuts the line and is sent tumbling back down. Seeing the rope spring quickly up the hill and the small noises coming from above the party briefly discusses trying to find a way up, but decides to press on in case of more attacks.

After reaching the other side of the canyons, they find another fork in the road, and yet another snare trap. Draeos has had it with the traps, and decides to be done with it, once and for all, cutting and disabling the trap to the best of his abilities. They decide to make camp, and although they are hungry, they ration their food for later.

Watches are set up, and later that night Shira sees a green light slowly approaching from the east. Waking everyone up, Draoes moves to intercept. Victor decides to go into stealth to attempt to take this thing by surprise, however once he gets hidden he drifts off to sleep.

The incorporeal ghost of a pirate captain arrives and begins demanding that she be returned. Stating she was stolen, the party attempts to find out what he is after, what he wants, they begin to offer him things. The pirate is uninterested in their offerings until Draeos pulls out the locket they had found aboard the ship a couple days before. Seeing the pirate react to the locket, Draeos lays it on the ground and the pirate comes and picks it up, and walks away. The party attempts to sequester information from him, however with what he wanted in hand, the pirate simply leaves.

Silence once again befalls the camp. Shira finds Victor asleep, but decides to leave him until the morning.



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