Day 3

In the morning Gelik appeared to be in an awful mood. Running everywhere and moving stuff around in an annoyed manner. Victor approaches him and asks him what’s wrong…

“What’s wrong, WHAT’S WRONG?!?” The gnome yells “only the fact that Isharu has come down with mindfire and Sahsa has twisted her ankle. We can’t keep going at this pace, we need to slow down”

Victor considers what he says for a minute, then walks over to Sasha and casts cure light wounds on her. Feel better, Sasha thanks him. Isharu, however, is another story, you can’t just cure a disease, you have to let it run it’s course, and with him down it would be next to impossible to continue at the same pace they had been going.

They sit down and eat breakfast, looking over their supplies they realize they only have 56 rations left, they’re going to need to keep hunting in order to keep this up. Victor, Kira, Draeos, Shira, and Radek decide to set out and do some scouting. Packing 6 rations each, enough to last them 2 days. Leaving the camp with a sparse 26 rations.

They head south, following the river south, after stopping for lunch they continue on. Leaving them with only 5 rations each.

After being careful to stay with the tracks they reach a bay. As they look across the bay they see a wrecked ship. Deciding to investigate, they board as carefully as possible. After spending some time searching they find the captain’s quarters, inside there is the skeletal remains of someone clutching a darkwood box. As the others discuss how to open the box to get at it’s contents, Draeos takes matters into his own hands, and breaks open the box. Inside they find documents proving the innocence of Jask, A dagger, and a locket.

They go back to the bay and cross the river, and cross, picking up the tracks on the other side. Following the tracks they come to a trail where Draeos almost gets caught in a snare trap before being stopped by Shira.

After looking it over they decide to spend the night at the crossroads. After eating they are left with only 4 rations each, they decide to press on and perhaps ration out their food.

That night, while Victor stood guard, he felt something watching from the trees, then the flapping of wings. Uneasily and slowly he wakes the rest of the party who spend some time searching where they heard the wings from, eventually coming across a pool of blood on the ground from a mostly drained monkey in a tree. They don’t sleep well that night.



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