Day 2

In the morning they awaken. Victor immediately decides to break camp and find a more defensable position. They follow the other people inland, since Sasha is now hunting for the group, they are no longer expending rations.

The Radek, Draeos, and Shira decide to continue following the body of water east after eating. Not long into their journey they encounter some kind of flying bird thingy that attacks them. It does some damage but ultimately it is killed.

The main part lags behind, partially due to their load, but also partially due to Aerys seeming drunk. Of all the passengers, Ishiru seems to be taking the trip the hardest, despite liking the party, he is sure that they are all going to die, but he does share his treasure map with Victor.

After the body of water starts to curve to the south, the adventurers move southernly. Around lunch time everyone stops for food, and shade. After eating, the forward party is attacked by 6 skeletons. They survive, if only barely. They rest for a few more hours then continue on.

Back in the main party Victor decides to confront Aerys about her drinking, he succeeds and she admits that she has some alcohol, but she’s not really ready to give it up for the most part. She does however recognize that she hasn’t been pulling her own weight and offers to help out more, she also makes a decided effort to not slow the party down.

The forward party runs across a den, but after checking it out, they are fairly clear that whatever lives there is not home. However after listening for awhile they do realize there is running water nearby. After drawing a pointer inland they follow the sound of water to a river and waterfall. They decide to see if they can get on top of the cliff by going north-east.

The main party runs across a parallel line that has been carved, not sure what it meant, but they decided it meant to go due east for awhile. So they do and come across the river from before, as it is getting late they decide this would be a great place to break out camp.

The forward party finds the landfall of the captain and Ieana. They start to ponder about what’s going on. They realize the tracks go southernly and then go inland. They head back to the waterfall and eat. Ishiru mentions that establishing a base camp would be preferable to what they are currently doing.



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