Day 1

Radek wakes up, feels the nip on his toe. Wakes up and immediately wakes up Kira, then attacks the first Eurypterid. Kira withdraws, Ian wakes up. Monsters attack, all miss. Radek bashes a head in, Draeos moves to pick up his item, Kira moves to pick up his item, Shira wakes up. Radek bashes the last one.

After taking a quick stock of the situation, they quickly spot the ship and decide to move out in that directly. Reaching the ship right in the middle of low tide, they first climb into the captains quarters. They take everything they can find, including burning through the lock with acid and taking those items as well.

After thouroghly looting the room they climb onto the main deck. Immediatly Draeos hears a creature downstairs, they make haste and antother Eurypterid, bigger this time. After a couple of attacks the creature is quickly dispached.

After breaking the door down the rest of the way they find the body of Alton and some buildilng stupplies, all stuff is packed up in the tarps and taken onto the top deck by Victor. Meanwhile Radek and Shira search for survivors and stumble across the cook in the larder, they pack up all the food they can find. Kira goes room to room collecting things, he takes some of the gnomes books.

They make haste back to the camp, except for Draeos who travels due south, eventually stumbling across a large cliff with water below, unable to determine if the water is salt or fresh he assumes it is a freshwater lake and heads back to camp.

The rest of the party decides to free the prisoner with the key, however they decide he cannot be trusted and only return his holy symbol, not his armor, weapon or spell component pouch. They then ask him to detect poison on the food, it is clean so they all eat lunch. Victor decides to take lunch to Draeos and begins following his trek through the forest.

Around the time that Draeos gets back, Kira decides to order people to do things, however most people are unwilling to listen to him. Which leads him to tell Jask that he has to either listen to what he has to say, or he has to leave, after several tense moments, Jask decides he would be better off elsewhere and sets off due East.

Victor, deciding this isn’t working goes after Jask, while Radek, Kira and Shira follow Draeos to the water he found. Victor convinces Jask to come back to the camp and agrees to give him his objects back. Jask is still not convinced he will help, but he is willing to stay with the party for now.

The other team reach the water and walk east for a ways before realizing they weren’t going to get far at night. Kira heads back to camp and the other three sleep there on the cliff. There are some strange dreams that night.



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